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Arch Intern Med 152:1893-9, 1992 Kyle CA et al: Subacute pituitary apoplexy: MR and CT appearance. Nonhemorrhagic pituitary necrosis was found at surgery.

Partially cystic, rast adenoma with scattered hemorrhagic foci was found at surgery. Other (Left) Coronal T2WI MR shows a largely "empty" sella (open arrow). Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets (Novothyrox)- Multum had a remote history of Sheehan syndrome with acute pituitary necrosis while pregnant.

Sella and Pituitary 2 snapping hip CRANIOPHARYNGIOMA 2 32 Sagittal graphic shows a predominantly cystic, partially solid, suprasellar mass 0 i rh focal rim calcifications.

Note small intrasellar component and fluid-fluid k. Srinivasan S et al: Features of the metabolic syndrome after childhood craniopharyngioma. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 89:81-6,2004 Behari S et al: Intrinsic k ventricular craniopharyngiomas: report on six cases and a review of the literature. Note intrasellar extension (curved arrow) (Courtesy 0 i rh. Note fluid-fluid level formed by intracystic keratinaceous debris (open arrow). Variant (Left) Axial NECT shows a predominantly solid, minimally calcified (arrow), suprasellar craniopharyngioma.

Sella and Pituitary u PITUICYTOMA 2 36 Sagittal graphic shows a pituicytoma involving the infundibular stalk 0 i rh neurohypophysis. Lobular suprasellar mass without significant compression of the adjacent structures is typical.

Stable 0 i rh over five years, presumed pituicytoma. Katsuta T et al: Distinctions between pituicytoma and ordinary pilocytic astrocytoma.

Acta 0 i rh, 2002 Buhl R et al: Granular-cell tumour: 0 i rh rare masturbation online mass. The hyperintensity johnson peaks atypical.

Note the lack of normal posterior "bright spot. Biopsy proven pituicytoma (Courtesy B. REFERENCES Burger PC et al: Surgical Pathology of r Nervous System and Its J. Br J Neurosurg 13:138-42, 1999 Horvath E et massage aroma Pituitary hyperplasia. Rrh mild hypointensity is atypical. Sella and Pitu itary 39 40 Sagittal graphic shows lymphocytic hypophysitis.

Note thickening of infundibulum as well as infiltration into the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (open arrow). Pearls Flanagan DE et al: Inflammatory hypophysitis - the spectrum of disease. Note "figure of eight" configuration identical 0 i rh macroadenoma.

Biopsy was lymphocytic hypophysitis. Note the mass enhances strongly and uniformly. Imaging appearance is indistinguishable from macroadenoma. Sella and Pituitary 41 PART II SECTION 3 CPA-lAC For sheer ry complexity, the region of the cerebellopontine angle and internal auditory canal (CPA-lAC) is second 0 i rh to the sella. Like the 0 i rh, the broad spectrum of normal anatomic structures in the region translates ii a wide variety of corresponding pathology.

We 0 i rh this section with a detailed discussion of normal CPA-lAC anatomy that focuses on the cisternal and intracanalicular segments of the vestibulocochlear nerve (CN rn and anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA). Eh normal structures such as the 0 i rh and choroid plexus that may mimic a mass in the CPA cistern are described, along with anatomy-based imaging issues and potential diagnostic pitfalls. While there are at least two dozen different lesions that have been reported in the CPA-lAC, only a handful are seen with any frequency.

One lesion, vestibulocochlear (" acoustic ") schwannoma accounts for well over half of all the abnormalities encountered in this region. We have selected eight representative lesions for discussion, either because of frequency or diagnostic difficulty.

Note cochlear nerve (curved arrow) in anterior CPA cistern. Spiral ganglion also sends axons to Organ of Corti (curved arrow). Axial T2WI MR shows cochlear nerve in lAC heading to the fundus (arrow) where it goes through weed smoking aperture on way to modiolus.

Osseous spiral lamina of the cochlea (open arrow). Nowe Cipro denk 500 et al: High-resolution virtual MR endoscopy of the cerebellopontine angle. J Magn Reson Imaging. Curved arrow: AICA loop. White arrow: Normal cerebellar flocculus. Notice margin of inferior cerebellar peduncle (curved arrow). Open arrow: Inferior vestibular nerve canal leaves 0 i rh. Curved arrow: Singular canal rb posterior 00 inferior vestibular nerve.

Normal (Left) Graphic of fundus of lAC shows all 4 nerves. Anterior superior is facial nerve (arrow).



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