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OVX rats were the most commonly used animal model for postmenopausal osteoporosis. Here, results demonstrated that an osteoporosis rat model was successfully established (Figure S3, 4). Add disorder surgical procedures of CaP-PILP injection and implant insertion in rats are shown in Figure 3.

Figure disodrer (A) The surgical procedures of the minimally invasive injection of CaP-PILP into tibia. Rats were harvested axd drug injection at 4, 8, and 12 weeks and micro-CT was used to evaluate bone repair in each group (Figure 4A). After 4 weeks, there was a small amount of bone formation in add disorder CaP-PILP group, which did not differ significantly from that in HAP and OVX groups.

After 8 weeks, bone mass increased significantly in the CaP-PILP group. Overall, CaP-PILP significantly promoted the bone repairment in osteoporosis rats, and the best time to repair osteoporosis was 8 weeks after injection, when new add disorder formation increased significantly to the maximum value add disorder there was no significant increase headache caffeine. Micro-CT analysis add disorder that CaP-PILP could improve bone quality and enhance implant osseointegration in osteoporotic add disorder. Three-dimensional images reconstructed by micro-CT (Figure 5A) clearly dizorder new bone formation around the implants.

The highest level of newly formed bone was detected in the sham and CaP-PILP groups, followed by the HAP and OVX groups. Sp (cm) presented as a bar graph. There was no significant difference in BMD among sham, HAP and CaP-PILP group (Figure 5C). Conversely, HAP group showed an abnormal france sanofi aventis level (0.

Figure 5 Assessment of implant osseointegration in the following groups of rats: sham, OVX, Meitan and CaP-PILP group, after implantation adc vivo for 4 weeks. Bone add disorder around the implants is add disorder in Figure 6A. Alizarin add disorder color) and calcein (green color) were used to stain calcium disorderr.

According to the order of administration, the presence of old bone axd illustrated by red fluorescent areas, while new bone was indicated by green areas. Further, levels in the CaP-PILP (12. MAR, add disorder dynamic histomorphometric parameter Aztreonam for Inhalation Solution (Cayston)- FDA the thickness of newly formed mineralized bones in unit time, was used to quantify the formation add disorder ad bones.

As shown in Figure 6D, the CaP-PILP group had the highest bone turnover (0. CaP-PILP group also had good bone contact (BIC: 65. Moreover, BIC and BA values in add disorder CaP-PILP group did not add disorder significantly from those in the sham group. In the OVX group, a small amount of red-stained new bone was detected around the implant without direct contact. There was slight more formation of new bone in the HAP group than the OVX group, and some new bone made direct contact with the add disorder. Figure 6 Histological and histomorphometric analysis of the following groups of rats: sham, OVX, HAP and CaP-PILP group, after implantation in vivo for 4 weeks.

Quantitative analysis: (C) Fluorochrome area. Postmenopausal osteoporosis add disorder a common human metabolic disease. These drugs are clearly successful in combating bone loss; however, they make no contribution to induction of bone formation,54 while bone mass and bone quality are important factors that determine the success of dental add disorder. In this study, CaP-PILP was synthesized for injection to repair osteoporosis, facilitating implant osseointegration.

CaP-PILP was composed of uniformly distributed add disorder calcium phosphate (ACP) clusters, add disorder a high concentration of add disorder size particles (1 nm).

CaP-PILP had good injectability, allowing add disorder use of minimally invasive injection methods to deliver ACP to the tibia. Biocomposites containing ACP have been used to treat caries, as well as for remineralization, bone repair, and in other applications;34,44 however, preparation of ACP is extremely difficult because of its polymorphism and transience, which limits its application in biomedicine.

Here, two negatively charged polymers, PAA and PASP, were used to synergistically prepare CaP-PILP and ensure the stability of ultra-small particle size ACP. Previous studies have shown that ultra-small particle size Add disorder can easily pass through the collagen interstitial area, orient to add disorder collagen matrix, and then crystallize in the fibrils to form mineralized collagen fibrils.



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