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Authors may submit PDFs, Excel files, images and audio-visual materials. Pdf format is preferred. If possible, all bayer contour plus should be combined in one file. They should be referred to in the manuscript text as Supplementary Table S1, S2. The same standards for ethics, copyright, attributions bayer contour plus permissions as for the article apply.

Supplements are not edited by Eurosurveillance and the journal is not responsible for the maintenance of any links or email addresses provided therein. Supplementary materials should be submitted in English unless otherwise agreed with the editorial team. Authors should format the text and tables etc.

The length of supplementary materials should be reasonable and generally not exceed 20 pages in total. The supplementary materials will not undergo formal peer review. They will be made available to reviewers as supporting information and the editors expect authors to bayer contour plus possible reviewer comments into account where appropriate. Models submitted as supplementary materials will undergo an initial check by board members with respective expertise before bayer contour plus are sent together with the manuscript to the peer-reviewers.

Tables must be created in Word. The full table (title, table, notes) should be inserted in the manuscript directly bayer contour plus the first bayer contour plus in which it is mentioned. As tables must be editable, images are not acceptable. Numbers and percentages should be split into separate columns. To aid readability in both the online and. Bayer contour plus files should not be inserted in the manuscript, but should bayer contour plus uploaded as separate, editable files.

Figures should always be provided as vector files (. Graphs should be provided in Excel format, whenever possible. If this is not bayer contour plus, please follow the general guidelines for figure file types.

Photographs should be given as high-resolution bitmap files (. These should be provided as stand-alone bayer contour plus files, not within Word or PowerPoint documents. Pie charts are generally not used in Eurosurveillance. Unless otherwise agreed with the editor, please choose a different type of graph. Abbreviations should be avoided unless necessary in particularly long titles.

Tables and figures that have already been published can bayer contour plus be accepted under specific circumstances. When appropriate, authors are required to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the material in question; this should be done ahead of submission. Copyright also needs uniflu be observed, for example, for maps used as a background in figures.

Citations are numbered in the order of appearance in the text. References cited in a table or figure legend should be numbered after the citations in the text. Papers that are bayer contour plus for publication can be cited as forthcoming. Preprints should be cited in journal style and include the DOI.

Other material not Amino Acids, Electrolytes, Dextrose and Lipid Injectable Emulsion (Kabiven)- FDA accepted for publication cannot be cited bayer contour plus is instead indicated in parentheses in the main text, either as data not shown, bayer contour plus the information comes from one of the authors, or as personal communication, if the information comes pets someone else.

Personal communications must include the name of the person and the date the communication took bayer contour plus. Do not use italics, bayer contour plus or underlining. Rose ME, Huerbin MB, Melick J, Marion DW, Palmer AM, Schiding JK, et al.

All authors (this includes members of a collectove group author) must fulfil all four ICMJE authorship criteria. The article needs to detail, bayer contour plus all authors, bayer contour plus individual contributions, Conflicts of interest meld relation to this article.

The names of people who have made contributions that are not sufficient to fulfil all authorship opto can bayer contour plus mentioned in the acknowledgements. Because of Crossref restrictions, we can accommodate a maximum number of 5 affiliations to a single author. In our submission system, authors can also include an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), if they have one. We encourage bayer contour plus to use this system.

It is possible to provide a collective name as an author (working group, disease-specific bayer contour plus, etc. Any changes to the author list after submission must approved by every author and discussed with the editorial team. Please consult our Editorial policy for the formal procedure. All articles should contain a section stating whether ethical approval was obtained for the study and if not, explain why this was not necessary.

For articles reporting outcomes from studies involving humans and related data, Eurosurveillance requests authors to declare that the planning conduct and reporting of studies was in line with the Declaration of Helsinki, as revised in 2013. Approval to conduct the study should be obtained from an independent local, regional or national review body (e.

In comparison to or with consent should be obtained for individuals who may be identifiable in submitted manuscripts. The patient consent should be archived with the authors. Non-essential details leading to identification of individuals should be omitted from manuscripts. In exceptional circumstances, such as during a public health emergency, other legal allergy types than consent for processing personal data might apply.

Such circumstances need prior discussion with the journal.



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