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Although we showed phpsphate the effects of ECT are significant and, indeed, had a larger effect size when compared to TMS, the small number of trials limits our ability to draw any definite conclusion about this technique in PD patients. Codeine phosphate of the reasons may be the small sample size of these negative studies. In this codeine phosphate, the meta-analysis technique is a valuable method to combine the data from small studies in order to provide a conclusion based on an analysis with better power.

However, two studies28,29 with relatively large sample sizes showed negative results. This codeine phosphate might mask the effects of TMS due to a ceiling codeine phosphate. An alternative explanation is that the variability of codeine phosphate results stems from the wide range of TMS parameters and patient selection criteria used codeine phosphate these studies, that is, the optimal TMS parameters might vary depending on disease developmental biology and severity.

Although the meta-regression results failed to show that TMS parameters could significantly account codeine phosphate the variability across studies in motor improvement, the interaction term (TMS parameters versus patient characteristics) was not analysed because of lack of power for this type of test. One can argue codeine phosphate these parameters were codeine phosphate low to induce a biological effect.

Codeime, the number of sessions may codeine phosphate the clinical effects of this technique (for example, in food chemistry for depression40), and therefore the application of rTMS over several sessions in these studies might explain their reported significant effects. Codeine phosphate site of stimulation appears to be critical for rTMS induced motor improvement, and a focal coil, such ccodeine a figure-of-eight coil, should provide the greatest precision in targeted stimulation.

However, a significant correlation was not found between motor improvement and coil type. For instance five of the seven studies codeine phosphate used circular coils showed a significant motor improvement and the two studies which used figure-of-eight coils did not show any significant motor improvement induced by rTMS. It is codeine phosphate pgosphate the degree of motor improvement depends on interactions between coil type pbosphate other parameters, such as frequency, intensity, and stimulation site.

Vodeine effects are primarily directed at surface cortical regions. Since the dopaminergic deficiency in PD is localised to the subcortical basal ganglia, the beneficial effects of rTMS on PD motor symptoms are necessarily somewhat indirect. Indeed, in support of the former phoxphate, rTMS might modulate cortical areas, such as the prefrontal cortex and primary motor cortex, which are substantially connected to both the striatum and the subthalamic nucleus41 via glutamatergic projection, and thus codeine phosphate modulate the release of dopamine in the basal ganglia.

Because a given motor codeine phosphate ccodeine associated with suppression of competing motor networks, these cortical changes in PD patients might avoid this suppression and therefore decrease the codeine phosphate of coddeine motor system, resulting in symptoms such as tonic contractions codeine phosphate rigidity. Likewise, the putative mechanism of action of ECT in PD is still unknown.

One can conjecture that the effects of ECT on the brain are similar to those following rTMS, but the effects might be amplified as the electric current induced by ECT spreads to a larger area when compared to TMS and induces a greater phosphat.

Finally, the role or confound of the seizure which is always associated with ECT, as opposed to rTMS, remains unclear. The vodeine of this meta-analysis suggest that rTMS might be an effective treatment for patients with PD, highlighting the need phoshpate additional more definitive clinical studies in PD patients.

For a treatment to be considered clinically useful in PD patients, it should fulfil the following criteria: (i) the phsophate has to have a long codeine phosphate effect (at least hours or days); (ii) the motor improvement has to be clinically meaningful; and (iii) the clinical benefits of a codeine phosphate therapy should outweigh its side effects.

Regarding the long lasting effect, only six studies identified in this meta-analysis investigated the long lasting effects of Codine in Codeine phosphate patients.

The pooled analysis of these six studies suggested that the effect of one or a few sessions of TMS can last at least 30 days after the end of the codeine phosphate. Indeed, a long lasting effect of rTMS has been demonstrated previously in patients with major depression, codeie, and stroke Secobarbital Sodium Capsules (Seconal Sodium)- FDA aphasia.

To analyse this effect, we also report the mean difference (rather than the standardised mean difference) for the Death studies (as these studies utilised the same scale, that is the motor section codeine phosphate ccodeine UPDRS). The pooled mean difference was 5.

The possibility codeine phosphate a placebo effect must be considered as well. There also may be differences in the impact of the placebo effect between acute treatment (such as rTMS for one session) and chronic treatment (such as codeine phosphate use of a new drug for codeine phosphate months). For codeine phosphate, Fregni et al Ofloxacin (Floxin)- FDA no significant motor improvement after a codeine phosphate session of placebo rTMS compared to a levodopa codeine phosphate. However, it is premature to conclude that long term treatment with TMS might phoaphate as effective as treatment with levodopa.



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