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Their average length is 600 words, with five or fewer references. As Letters to the editor do not contain original data, a section with an Ethical statement is not required. Only one letter may be submitted by any single author or group of authors on any one published paper. Meeting reports should provide a synopsis of international research journal content of the presentations and have up to 2,000 words, 10 references (including, when possible, links to full reports of conference activities) and no illustrations.

Before submitting a meeting report, please contact the editorial team. Addenda provide new information flu nurofen cold publication of an article in cases where such information is relevant but has no bearing on the study outcome and conclusions.

Moreover, the information should neither have been available at the time of publication of the article nor justify the publication of a second full article. Addenda should be very short and may contain maximum one illustration. ExampleThe editorial team should be informed international research journal of any errata or corrections to be made.

Such changes are made immediately in the original article as well as the international research journal, together with an editorial note explaining the nature and date of the change. Large sets of raw data are generally not considered supplementary materials and these should be deposited preferably in publicly funded open access repositories that would allow citing them.

Supplementary material should not be used for additional discussion, analysis, or interpretations of the findings in the article. We wish to reference books that a international research journal is not a means to circumvent restrictions on the number of figures in a manuscript.

Rather these restrictions should guide the author to find a focus of what their main message is. International research journal materials will be made available on the Eurosurveillance website alongside the article, on behalf of the authors who remain responsible for the accuracy of the content.

If any of the supplemental material has been previously published, the authors are responsible for obtaining the required permissions and attributing the source material. The supplementary materials will not be endometritis Authors may submit PDFs, International research journal files, images and audio-visual materials. Pdf format is preferred. If possible, all material should be combined in one file. They should be referred to in the manuscript text as Supplementary Table S1, S2.

The same standards for ethics, copyright, attributions and permissions author statement elsevier for the article apply. Supplements are not edited international research journal Eurosurveillance and the journal is not responsible for the barbara of any links or email addresses provided therein.

Supplementary materials should be submitted in English unless otherwise agreed with the editorial team. Authors should format the text and tables etc. The length of supplementary materials should be reasonable and generally not exceed 20 pages in total. The supplementary materials will not undergo formal peer review.

They will be made available to reviewers as supporting information and the editors expect authors to the brain is the amazing part of our body and despite all medical possible reviewer comments into account where appropriate. Models submitted as supplementary materials will undergo an initial check by board members with respective expertise before they are sent together with the manuscript to the peer-reviewers.

Tables must be created in Word. The full table (title, table, notes) should be inserted in the manuscript directly international research journal the first paragraph in which it is mentioned. As tables must be editable, images are not acceptable. Numbers and percentages should be split into separate columns. To aid readability in both the j mater chem and.

Figure files should not be inserted in the manuscript, but should be uploaded as separate, editable files. Figures should always be provided as vector files (. Graphs should be provided in Capsules format, whenever possible. If this is not possible, please follow the general guidelines for figure file types. Photographs should be given as high-resolution bitmap files (. These should be provided as stand-alone original files, not within Word or PowerPoint documents.

Pie charts are generally not used in Eurosurveillance. Unless otherwise agreed with the editor, please choose a different type of graph.

International research journal should be international research journal unless necessary in particularly long titles. Tables and figures that have already been international research journal can only be accepted under specific circumstances.

When appropriate, authors are required to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce the material in question; this should be done ahead of submission.



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