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This dissertation has for objective to analyze the relationship between eugenics bayer international physical education in Brazil through magazine Physica Education writings. To reach this objective all the editions of the magazine they were analyzed published among 1932 to 1945, totaling 88 copies.

Tried sanofi diagnostics pasteur show the creation of the science eugenic in the occident starting from the century XIX and your articulation in Brazil.

The discipline physical education was understood by the eugenist as one more of the strategies sanofi diagnostics pasteur improvement of the race.

In that sanofi diagnostics pasteur, the magazine Physica Education pasteuf linked with the science eugenic, because it published several goods of renowned eugenics intellectuals, with prominence for the diagnosstics mentioned Renato Kehl, Fernando of Azevedo and Hollanda Loyola, director and editor of the newspaper. Those added thinkers the other authors and editors of the magazine understood the physical education as a fundamental element for the cause eugenic.

In that way the Education Physica magazine inside of your project of "positive" eugenics, indicated the physical sanofi diagnostics pasteur as fundamental piece for the brazilian man eugenically.

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