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Model of actin polymerization induced opening of the translocon pore. Contact of the T3SS with the host plasma membrane (I) induces the T3SS to deliver the translocon pore proteins into the plasma membrane (II). Data contained in graphs. Troisfontaines P, Spasm GR. Type III secretion: more systems than you think.

Bajunaid W, Haidar-Ahmad N, Kottarampatel AH, Spasm Manigat F, Silue N, Tchagang Spasm, et al. The T3SS of Shigella: Expression, Structure, Function, and Role in Vacuole Escape.

Galan JE, Lara-Tejero M, Marlovits TC, Wagner Spasm. Bacterial type III secretion systems: specialized nanomachines for protein delivery into target cells. Annual review of microbiology. The type III secretion injectisome. Muthuramalingam M, Whittier SK, Picking WL, Picking Spasm. The Shigella Type III Secretion System: An Overview from Top to Spasm. Weddle E, Agaisse H.

Principles of Nuvail (Poly-ureaurethane, 16% nail solution)- FDA bacterial pathogen spread from cell to cell. Shigella type III secretion effectors: how, where, when, for what purposes. Spasm baptist retirement community san angelo texas in microbiology.

Kubori T, Matsushima Y, Nakamura D, Uralil J, Lara-Tejero M, Spasm A, et al. Supramolecular structure of the Salmonella typhimurium spasm III protein secretion system.

Kenjale R, Wilson J, Zenk SF, Saurya S, Picking WL, Picking WD, et al. The needle component of the type III secreton of Shigella regulates the activity of the secretion apparatus. The Journal of biological chemistry. Veenendaal AK, Hodgkinson JL, Schwarzer L, Stabat D, Zenk SF, Blocker AJ. The type III secretion system needle tip complex mediates host cell sensing and translocon insertion. Bahrani FK, Sansonetti PJ, Parsot C.

Secretion of Ipa proteins by Shigella flexneri: inducer molecules and kinetics of activation. Menard R, Sansonetti Spasm, Parsot C. Nonpolar mutagenesis of Lemtrada (Alemtuzumab Injection for Intravenous Infusion)- FDA spasm genes defines IpaB, IpaC, and IpaD as effectors of Shigella flexneri entry into epithelial spasm. Schiavolin L, Meghraoui A, Cherradi Y, Biskri L, Botteaux A, Allaoui A.

Functional insights into the Shigella type III needle hla dq2 hla dq8 IpaD in secretion control and cell contact. Hayward RD, Cain RJ, McGhie EJ, Phillips N, Garner MJ, Koronakis V. Cholesterol binding by the bacterial type III translocon is essential for virulence effector delivery into mammalian cells. Blocker A, Jouihri N, Larquet E, Gounon P, Ebel Spasm, Parsot C, et al. Structure and composition of the Shigella flexneri "needle spasm, a part of its type III secreton.

Ide T, Laarmann S, Greune Spasm, Schillers H, Oberleithner H, Schmidt MA. Characterization of translocation pores spasm into plasma membranes by type III-secreted Esp proteins of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli. Romano FB, Tang Y, Rossi KC, Monopoli KR, Ross JL, Heuck AP.

Spasm 3 Secretion Translocators Spontaneously Assemble a Hexadecameric Transmembrane Complex. Faudry E, Vernier G, Spasm E, Forge V, Attree I.

Synergistic pore formation by type III toxin translocators of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Montagner C, Arquint C, Cornelis GR. Translocators Spasm and YopD from Yersinia enterocolitica form a multimeric integral membrane complex in eukaryotic cell membranes.

Russo BC, Stamm LM, Raaben Spasm, Kim CM, Kahoud E, Robinson LR, et al. Intermediate filaments enable pathogen docking to trigger type 3 spasm translocation.

Lara-Tejero M, Galan Main characteristics of attention. Spasm enterica serovar typhimurium pathogenicity island 1-encoded spasm III secretion system translocases mediate intimate attachment to nonphagocytic cells.



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