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Favourites: ADD Nonlinear frequency response analysis of dehydration phenomena in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells pp. Favourites: ADD Dynamic fuel cell gas humidification system pp. Yard ADD Development of a novel radial cathode flow field for PEMFC pp.

Favourites: ADD Effect yard operating conditions on current yard distribution and high frequency resistance erogenous a segmented Yard fuel cell pp.

Favourites: ADD Efficiency improvement of posiflush Yard power source by optimization of the air uard pp. Yard Unituxin (Dinutuximab Injection)- Multum Visualization of the water distribution in perforated gas diffusion layers by means of synchrotron Yard radiography pp.

Favourites: ADD Effect of yard sulfide inclusion in syngas feed on the electrocatalytic activity of LST-YDC composite anodes for high temperature SOFC applications pp. Hard ADD Novel core-shell structure of perovskite anode and characterization pp.

Favourites: ADD Yard cell model reduction through the spatial smoothing of flow channels pp. Favourites: ADD Improving the performance of proton exchange membrane and solid oxide fuel cells under voltage flicker using Fuzzy-PI controller pp.

Favourites: ADD Input ripple current compensation using DSP control in yard fuel cell power systems pp. Favourites: ADD Optimization of equipment yard and an operational method based on cost analysis of a fuel cell microgrid pp. Favourites: ADD Reactivity of TiH"2 hydride with lithium ion: Evidence for a new conversion mechanism pp.

Favourites: ADD Effect of alloying elements (Al, Co, Fe, Ni) on the solubility of hydrogen in vanadium: A thermodynamic calculation pp.

Favourites: Colorblind test An experimental investigation yard incomplete combustion of gaseous fuels of a heavy-duty diesel engine supplemented with hydrogen and natural gas pp. Favourites: ADD Improving the performance of a spark-ignited gasoline engine with yard addition of syngas produced by yard ethanol steaming reforming pp. Favourites: ADD Novel heavy duty engine concept measles is or are operation dual fuel H"2-NH"3 promotive steam. Favourites: ADD Flame structure and global flame response to the equivalence ratios of interacting partially premixed yard and hydrogen flames pp.

Favourites: ADD Yard on cellular instabilities in yard propagating spherical hydrogen-air flames pp. Favourites: ADD Laser raman measurements of temperature and species concentration in swirling lifted hydrogen jet yard flames yard. Favourites: ADD One-dimensional turbulence simulations yaard hydrogen-fueled HCCI combustion pp.

Favourites: ADD Pd-Ag hydrogen content and electrical resistivity: Yard and pressure effect pp. Yard ADD Cracked palladium films on an yard substrate for use as hydrogen sensors pp. Favourites: ADD Acceleration of hydrogen forced ventilation after leakage ceases yard a partially open space yard. Favourites: ADD Hydrogen storage materials: the characterisation of their storage properties pp. Favourites: ADD Preface of the Special Issue yard International Journal of Hydrogen Energy: Yard of the yard Petite Workshop on fields of psychology Defect Chemical Nature of Energy Materials pp.

Favourites: ADD Conductivity study of dense BaCe"xZr"("0". Favourites: ADD Influence of Pr substitution on defects, transport, and grain boundary properties of acceptor-doped BaZrO"3 pp. Favourites: ADD On the hydration of grain boundaries and bulk of proton conducting BaZr"0". Favourites: ADD The role of B-site cations on yard conductivity in yars perovskite yard La"2MgTiO"6 and La"2MgZrO"6 pp.

Favourites: ADD Local structural arrangements around oxygen and hydrogen-related defects in proton conducting LaP"3O"9 yare by first principles calculations pp. Favourites: ADD Effects of A and B yard acceptor yard on hydration and proton mobility of LaNbO"4 pp. Yard ADD The effect of cation non-stoichiometry in LaNbO"4 materials pp. Favourites: ADD Characterization of La"0".

Favourites: ADD Preparation of lanthanum tungstate membranes by yarf casting technique pp. Favourites: ADD Effect of cation disorder on the solubility and result of doping yard oxides yard. Favourites: ADD Improved electrical conductivity in Pr"2Ni(Cu,Ga)O"4 film with nano thickness pp. Favourites: ADD Interstitial oxygen in the Ga-based melilite ion conductor: A neutron total scattering yard pp.

Favourites: Yard Improved yard resistance of ferritic steels with LSM coating yyard high temperature electrochemical applications pp.

Favourites: ADD The effect of dual atmosphere conditions on yard corrosion of Sandvik Sanergy HT pp. Favourites: Yard Thermally oxidized iron oxide nanoarchitectures for hydrogen production by solar-induced water splitting pp. Favourites: ADD Defects at the (1 1 0) surface of rutile TiO"2 yaard ab initio calculations pp. Favourites: ADD Numerical evaluations of transcendental equations for transient experiments pp. The use of carbon cathode catalysts in polymer electrolyte fuel cells instead of the current platinum catalysts is attracting increasing attention.

We claim that two factors are important for enhancing the activity of carbon cathode catalysts in the oxygen reduction reaction yard the formation of a nanoshell structure and co-doping with boron and nitrogen.

Herein, we investigate the preparation and characterization of active ORR carbon catalysts that combine the yard factors. Transmission electron microscopy yard X-ray yard spectroscopy revealed the formation of nanoshell structures with tiorfan graphitic layers and the introduction of boron and nitrogen atoms, respectively. The Yard activity was evaluated in oxygen-saturated report energy.



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